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Flist management

OK - had a bit of a tidy up of my friends list and have removed some people. No offence meant, most people have been removed because they hardly ever post. If you feel mortally wounded or desperately want to stay on let me know.

Z Bean has arrived!

Mike phoned me about half an hour ago to say that Zach was born this morning. There had been a few complications and in the end H had to have an emergency c-section. Currently Zach is in special care. I think Mike said the weight was 6lbs 1oz.
Spread the word!
Please go to


and sign the online petition. I was shocked when I realised how widespread this problem is.
Does anyone know how I can make all my posts friends only without having to go back and edit each one?

Sep. 17th, 2004

For those of you 'dying to know' ... I sent cujosmurf Gin and Tonic but I forgot the lemons ... doh!!

Things to bring back from Manc

JSA forms
anti depressants
laptop and briefcase
medicine for Peggy

Humour me - nicked from cujosmurf

1 - When was I born?
2 - What is my eye colour?
3 - Where do I live?
4 - What do I do? [Work/study/etc.]
5 - Who is my best friend?
6 - Do I have any siblings?
7 - What is my favourite food?
8 - What is my favourite drink?
9 - What colour is my bedroom?
10 - Who is my favourite band?
11 - Who was my first love?
12 - What do I want to do when I "grow up"?
13 - What is my favourite colour?
15 - Which subjects did I study at college?
16 - Who do I have a crush on?
17 - What is my job?
18 - What is my favourite song?
19 - How tall am I?
20 - What is my middle name?

Kingdom of Bodfitt

We now have a shared journal bodfitt


Party at fruit_boy's pre jillys - come along - bring bottle. We have two virgins to initiate (jillys virgins that is!!
PS I will have cleaned the bathroom!!!)